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HTS Code *. HTS Description. Categories (8) 1. Unwrought, not alloyed. . Unwrought aluminum, not alloyed, of uniform cross section throughout its length, the least cross-sectional dimension of which is not greater than 9.5 mm, in coils. Unwrought Aluminum (7601)

3mm Five Ribs Non-slip Pattern Aluminum

The patterned aluminum coil is suitable to be a kind of non-slip floor in any aspect, especially ships, cars or relatively wet factories where there are instability factors in Aluminum Tread Brite Plate -


Its main purpose is anti-skid and decorativemon pattern of aluminum plate with orange peel striate, a bar, two, three, five, grain shape, lentils and fluorescent, round object shape, etc., common market has five reinforcement pattern aluminum plate, small five reinforcement pattern aluminum plate, etc., good appearance, can prevent slippery, many advantages, such as in transportation, construction, decoration, equipment around the base plate,

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Aluminum. A pattern aluminum emboss plate coil is used for building in wall cladding, stair treads, room partition surface panels etc. Thickness is from 0.01mm to 3.0mm. Embossed aluminum coils are aluminum products with various textures on the surface after

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The main purpose. Aviation fixtures, trucks, tower buildings, ships, pipelines and other application areas need strength, weldability and corrosion resistance of a building. aluminum / aluminum / aluminum / aluminum bar / aluminum coils / aluminum row / wrought aluminum / pattern aluminum / hard aluminum / super-hard aluminum / aerospace

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2mm 1220mm 1060garde Aluminum Coil With. Large Stock PPGI Ppgi Coils, Prepainted Galvanized Steel Ppgi Sheet In Coils Specifications 1.Coil 508mm-610mm 2.Coil Weigh according to the customer\\\\\\\'s request 3.Surface PE, PVDF, SMP, HDP, etc. 4.Surface treatmen chromate, bright finish, spangle, anti-finger print Standard 2006, JIS3302, EN 10142,

3mm Five Ribs Non-slip Pattern Aluminum

Pointer pattern aluminum: mainly divided into 1.2mm, 1.4mm, 1.5mm thickness, multi-purpose anti-slip aluminum, and five ribs to play the same effect, but not often used. Orange peel aluminum tread plate: the classic orange peel pattern aluminum, orange peel pattern variation (also known as

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United Aluminum offers over 100 years of experience tailoring Custom Rolled Aluminum Coil to meet your most demanding specifications. We provide any size order, to any specification, in a wide variety of alloy and tempers, and shipped on-time, worldwide. MENU

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The purpose of a duct system is to transmit air from the central air source to the air diffusers 2. Secondary air ductwork (run-outs/branches from main to terminal boxes and distribution devices) shall be low pressure classification. The steel and aluminum used for ductwork is a \"high achiever\" in the 21st-century


Aluminum smelting is an important contributor to our portfolio. We further improved our smelting assets when we met our goal of moving to the 38th percentile on the global cost curve in 2021. The unit is well positioned to benefit from improved future market conditions. Learn


Features and Benefits. A HeliCoil is a coiled-wire type of thread repair insert used to create internal screw threads to accommodate standard-sized fasteners.. Some of the advantages of using a Helicoil include Thread Size Range A large range of available thread diameters allow for use in a variety of thread repair applications.. According to published data, inserts are available as small

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Jan 26, 2010  A heat exchanger can have several different flow patterns. Crossflow, parallel flow, and counterflow heat exchanger configurations are three examples. A counterflow heat exchanger will require less heat exchange surface area than a parallel flow heat exchanger for the same heat transfer rate and the same inlet and outlet temperatures for the

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Chainmail (or mail or maille) refers to armor that made from metal rings that are joined together in a pattern to form a protective mesh. Historically this kind of armor was used to protect soldiers on the battlefield from slashing and stabbing injuries. This kind of protective gear is still used by some butchers and shark

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The effective diameter is approximay 5 feet. Mounted atop a Scorpion 680, the antenna can be tuned from 80 through 17 meters. The stock cap hat from Scorpion uses a 3 foot mast, and 60 inch wires, and allows the inclusion of 15 meters. Four loops could be used, but this increases wind loading by 1/3, with only a very small increase in

0.14mm-3.0mm Thickness Colored Wood Pattern Aluminum

Decorative colored aluminum Coil Sheet is to make the wire drawing on the aluminum surface by mechanical friction or extrusion process, then make one layer of special film treatment on the aluminum surface. which generate one layer containing this metallic composition on the aluminum roll surface, clearly appear each fine wire let the metal take fine hair gloss.Then make the

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