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The Stucco Embossed Aluminum Sheet is our professional product, we are experienced to produce and supply this product. It can be used for antisepsis and heat preservation project, indoor and outdoor decoration, inner bag of refrigerator and deep freezer, construction of top-grade

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Stucco embossed finish of aluminium sheet coil is achieved by processing the natural mill finish material through embossing rollers. This provides a surface diffusing light and reducing reflectivity. It is used for applications on decorative effects, or to reduce surface reflectivity. Embossed finish can also enhance the thickness and strength of

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Stucco embossed aluminum sheeting for sale can be purchased and shipped in sizes up to 4\'x 10\'. Stucco embossed aluminum sheets can be used in a wide variety of applications and provides a durable easy to clean metal surface. Stucco embossed aluminum sheets works great to protect walls as wainscoting. Stucco embossed aluminum sheet is easy to cut and install using caulking adhesives like

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5052 stucco embossed aluminum sheet is the typical model of 5000 series aluminum sheet, it has widely usage because of its high quality and beautiful appearance. 3004 Stucco Embossed Aluminum Sheet 3004 stucco embossed aluminum sheet with coating finish as PVDF and PE, the gloss and hardness can meet clients\'

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Stucco embossed aluminum sheets are a thin (.024\") aluminum sheet with a wide variety of uses and applications. The embossing process reduces the light reflectivity of the

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Stucco Embossed Aluminum Sheet. Thickness: 0.06-3.0 mm Width: 100-1600 mm Length: Less than 6000mm or customized Weigh 0.5-7.0 tons per pallet or customized Temper: HO-H24 Surface treatmen Diamond embossed sheet /Texture aluminum sheet/Orange peel aluminum sheet Painting type: PVDF (PPG brand) and PE(polyester) Color Coating thickness: Topside of coil :25um (PVDF), 16

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stucco aluminium sheet 49 products are available Stucco embossed aluminum sheet is one of the most popular aluminum metals products found in the market. Rolled aluminum metals provides clients with more durable aluminum

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Embossed Aluminium sheet also called stucco embossed aluminium sheet, is a kind of aluminum plate which forms a variety of decorative pattern on the surface after calendering processing. It is widely used, mainly in packing, building, curtain wall, etc. We also offer other kinds of aluminum tread

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Flat Rolled AluAlu Stucco Coil Chalco Aluminium pate coil . Aluminum Stucco Embossed Sheet coil for Heat shield This Aluminum stucco embossed sheet design is deeply textured could be cut fold shape to make very efficient heat shields barriers Ideal for exhaust manifold turbo shields Bulkheads Electrical protection shieldinglining tunnels protecting brake fuel lines

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Stucco Embossed Aluminium Sheet Aluminum alloy is soft and usually alloyed with copper, zinc, magnesium, silicon, manganese and lithium to increase strength. When aluminum alloy is exposed to air, an anti-oxidant coating will be formed instantly to protect

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Aluminium sheet has become an irreplaceable material for construction. Stucco embossed corrugated aluminum sheet is a type of embossed aluminum made into the corrugated shape to meet special requirements of roofing and cladding. As an aluminium manufacturer serving clients from over 70 countries, we supply corrugated stucco embossed aluminum sheet of the following


millfinish or painted, aluminum coil, sheet, slit, embossed (stucco, woodgrain rustic cedar or diamond) We provide fast shipments (North America) in a wide variety of aluminum coil sheet products processed to a diverse range of specs.–mill finish, custom

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Aluminium Stucco Sheet Safari Metal Trading LLC. Aluminium Stucco embossed sheets are of the alloy AAi 100 and are used for insulation cladding ducting for HVAC and panelling This sheet has a bright appearance in its natural condition and can be painted Also used in the walk in cooler and refrigeration industry for side panels building the box of apparatus and instruments

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Polished Mirror Aluminum Embossed Aluminium Mirror Embossed Aluminum Diamond 6061 Aluminum Plate Dull Mill Finish 4.5mm Thickness Slip Resistant 5052 Embossed Aluminum Coil Color Coated Stucco Embossed Aluminum Sheet Corrugated aluminum sheet Worm Pattern Embossed Aluminum Vertical Strip Embossed Aluminum Triangular Pattern Embossed Aluminum


These stucco embossed aluminum sheet metal offer various uses because of their many features that make them very essential for everyday use, across different industries. stucco embossed aluminum sheet metal are vital for use in industries such as the aviation field and are also popular in pharmaceuticals for being

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Decorative and functional metal sheets in reflective stainless steel or cosmetic stucco embossed aluminum. T304 grade Stainless Steel Sheets deliver the decorative, mirror-reflective look of chrome with the strength of stainless steel. Stucco embossed 0.024\" aluminum sheets are white on one side and silver/mill on the other

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Stucco embossing also reduces the light-reflecting ability of the metal. This is due to the pebble-like surface, which is achieved once it has been given a proper finish. Finally, a stucco embossed aluminum sheet always looks more presentable. Stucco embossed aluminum sheets are made of different

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Aluminum Sheeting . Note: all aluminum sheets are masked on side except stucco patterned sheets. Also, these are single sheet prices only; net price is determined by quantity. Please ask for discount. We buy and sell sheet metal machinery. Flat Aluminum Sheets. Baked enameled both